The Shapes of Stories, a Kurt Vonnegut Infographic


Amazing visualization of Kurt Vonnegut’s thesis on the shape of stories by designer Maya Eilam

Originally posted on Maya Eilam:

My take on visually presenting Kurt Vonnegut’s theories about archetypal stories, designed after researching the subject.

Prints will be available soon. I’m happy to personally notify you when they’re ready, just comment here or email me.


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A framework for categorizing and comparing cloud platforms – OpenStack, AWS, Heroku, CloudFoundry!

A framework that describes the various layers of cloud platform services starting from virtualized hardware up to end-user software applications

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Cycling to Barvi Dam and Lake – Bird Watching Paradise

Barvi Lake located 90 km from Mumbai between Badlapur and Murbad is an excellent destination for a cycling expedition combined with some amazing bird watching!

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Cycling to Mumbra Devi Temple – in search of Parsik Fort

A nice cycling route to Mumbra Devi Temple located at the north end of the Parsik Hills range where I was hoping to find traces of an old fort – Parsik Fort

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