Juhu Beach Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence is a form of chemiluminescence where light energy is released by a chemical reaction. This phenomenon was observed in Mumbai on various beaches on the west coast. We went late one night to see if we could spot it read more >> Continue reading Juhu Beach Bioluminescence

Trek to Sudhagad – the abode of Bhoraidevi

Sudhagad is a fort located near Pali, about away from Khopoli. Getting there from Mumbai or Pune is quite easy, and so it is a popular trekking destination. Sudhagad was originally referred to as Bhorapgad, after the Goddess Bhoraidevi who was the family deity of the Pant Sachivas family who ruled over the Bhor district in which the fort lies. However the origin of this … Continue reading Trek to Sudhagad – the abode of Bhoraidevi

Coppersmith Barbet on a Mango Tree in Mumbai

Saw a beautiful bird on a branch of a mango tree outside my window today while I was busy on a telephone call. It was a Coppersmith Barbet (I found out later 🙂 who was carving a hole to build it’s nest. After a minute or so of working hard, a crow sitting nearby could not contain it’s curiosity and came over to see what the … Continue reading Coppersmith Barbet on a Mango Tree in Mumbai

Trek to Tandulwadi Fort

Tandulwadi fort is located near Saphale, north of Mumbai at a distance of about 50 km from the bridge over Ulhas River at Ghodbunder. The fort can be reached by road via NH8, with a turn off towards Saphale. At a height of 1524 feet, it provides some beautiful views of the surrounding towns of Saphale, the Zanzorli lake and the confluence of the Surya … Continue reading Trek to Tandulwadi Fort