Madh Fort – Jan 2013

Cycle resting near Madh FortVersova CreekVanala Talav - Lake in Madh VillageMadh Fort JettyMadh Fort from JettyFishing in the Arabian Sea
Fishing boats at Madh FortMadh FortView of Mumbai from Madh FortFresh fish at Madh FortKilleshwar Temple near Madh FortMadh Fort
Madh FortCycle at Madh FortMadh fort from the fishing villageFish and birds near Madh fortKid enjoying the sun near Madh fortKitten among the fish
Kitten stealing fishKitten stealing fish at Madh fortAmbu Island just off Patvadi margJimi Hendrix fanCommunity cricket playing at MadhOld couple running tea stall at Madh

Madh Fort – Jan 2013, a set on Flickr.

A cycling visit to Madh fort leads to a unique opportunity to experience life in the fishing village in addition to enjoying the beauty of the fort and the sea

Read about it on my blog:


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