Cycling to Sewri Fort

Sewri fort overlooking the seaArchaeological Society of India board at Sewri FortEntrance to Sewri fortKeystone in Sewri FortEntrance to hallway at Sewri fortPlay of light inside Sewri fort
Arched doorway at Sewri fortArched doorway at Sewri fortFlamingo country at SewriMr. and Mrs Sparrow at Sewri FortEarly bird at Sewri fortCycle modeling at Sewri fort
Cycle modeling at Sewri fortCycle modeling at Sewri fortIsometric view of Sewri fortDomed hallways face each other at Sewri fortSteps to the unknown in Sewri fortView of dargah dome from Sewri fort
Stairway at Sewri FortFlamingos in flight at SewriDawn breaking over Sewri

Sewri Fort – Jan 2013, a set on Flickr.

My second cycling expedition to forts in Mumbai takes me to Sewri Fort. Though quite small in comparison with Vasai fort, the architecture is quite similar. One of the most fascinating things in the fort is the location next to the mangroves and mudflats where one can see scores of migrating flamingos

Read more about this expedition on my blog:


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