How we learned to fly in three days – the taster paragliding course

Paragliding landing solo flightBullock cart at WadivaleUksan LakeMask on wallCarrying the gliders to the training siteParaglider mushroom
Paraglider mushroomControlling the paraglider flareParagliding ground handlingParagliding mushroomsWaiting for the next paragliding flightParagliding lines
Bench at Nirvana AdventuresCentral courtyard in Nirvana AdventuresBreakfast at Nirvana AdventuresUksan LakePots at Nirvana AdventuresBronze statue at Nirvana Adventures
Flowery entrance at Nirvana AdventuresFlower at Nirvana AdventuresFlowers at Nirvana AdventuresFlowers at Nirvana AdventuresTents at Nirvana AdventuresTerrace at Nirvana Adventures

Paragliding – Jan 2013, a set on Flickr.

Our first paragliding course was an exciting adventure. Conducted by Nirvana Adventures, this was a three day course where we actually learned to do solo flights by the end of the course.

Read more about our experience at:…


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