Mahakali or Kondivite Caves, Andheri – ideal for a cycling visit!

After having injured my knee while mountain biking in Germany, I was advised to avoid cycling or trekking for three weeks. I was wondering how I would spend two monsoon weekends without trekking or cycling. Luckily one weekend was spent in our IIT Kanpur reunion at Naukuchiatal. But this weekend…

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Cycling to Aarey, Powai and Kanheri Caves

Cave 4 at Kanheri CavesDawn at Aarey Milk ColonyDawn at Aarey Milk ColonyDawn at Aarey Milk ColonyPowai Lake wakes upPowai Lake wakes up
Powai Lake wakes upPortrait of ex-army man with imposing mustacheKanheri Caves - cave 1Stupa in Kanheri Caves - cave 11Stupa in Kanheri Caves - cave 11
Buddha in standing positionsBuddha in different mudras and asanasLateral view of cave 11Cave 3 at Kanheri CavesCave with windowCave with window
Meditating at Kanheri CavesBorivali National Park from Kanheri CavesMeditating at Kanheri CavesCave 90 at Kanheri CavesCave 90 at Kanheri CavesCave 90 at Kanheri Caves

A cycling trip from Andheri, via Aarey to visit Powai lake, then further to Borivali National Park, and cycle to Kanheri Caves.

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