leibal: Teacup is a minimalist design created by Finland-based designer Laura Bougdanos forMagisso. Thanks to the triangle bottom and inbuilt and removable strainer, it is easy to adjust the strength of tea depending on your taste without making a mess. All you need is tea and hot water. The teacup is available in either pure black or snow white. Advertisements Continue reading

smarterplanet: Ikea’s Augmented-Reality Catalog Might Be the Company’s Best-Made Product Yet | Gizmodo We’ve already shared our favorite items from Ikea’s 2013 product catalog, but what we didn’t know was that as of July 31st, the catalog itself will be an interactive product of the latest augmented-reality technology. iOS and Android users who download the Ikea catalog app, will be able to unlock video features, interactive experiences with … Continue reading

photojojo: The Swivl is like having your own personal cameraman! Just stick your iPhone, Android or camera in the stand, and it’ll follow your every move via a sensor that you wear! Shoot videos of yourself or your friends without worrying about who’s going to hold the camera. The iPhone Swivl is Like Your Own Personal Cameraman Continue reading